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At his practice serving the Frisco and Plano area in north Dallas Texas, Dr. Tabbal specializes in rhinoplasty, and can help you improve the way your nose looks and, as one a result, how you feel. Because the nose is one of the most prominent features of the face, patients often express a desire to change its proportions — and even minor changes can have a big effect.

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What Rhinoplasty Does

In a sentence: Rhinoplasty involves structural changes of the nose, which help change its shape. But it’s much more complex than that. Depending on the desired result, rhinoplasty can make a nose smaller or larger, it can change the shape or position of your nasal tip, it can remove a hump on the dorsum of the nose, widen or narrow the nostrils, or correct crookedness or asymmetries.

When to Include Chin Augmentation

It’s also important to understand the limitations of rhinoplasty in of itself. Acting as the cornerstone of the face, the nose has a profound effect on your facial proportions. However, other facial features also play a role in achieving your desired result. For example, sometimes patients see their nose as the sole reason for their aesthetic complaints when, in fact, it is a disharmony between the shape of their nose and chin, which causes a disproportionate balance to their profile. In these cases, Dr. Tabbal inserts a chin implant to help augment the deficiency of the chin, effectively restoring facial harmony.

What is important for patients to recognize is that the goal for any cosmetic surgery, particularly in rhinoplasty, is to change the shape of the nose in context to the structures around it, i.e., the face. To solely focus on the structure and shape of the nose for purposes of attaining the outcome seen in a photo of another individual is as careless as a surgeon using only one type of surgical technique on every patient and ignoring the specific characteristics, subtleties, and personal desires of each patient and their anatomy.

What is important for patients to recognize is that the goal for any cosmetic surgery, particularly in rhinoplasty, is to change the shape of the nose in context to the structures around it, i.e., the face.

Your Consultation

When you initially meet with Dr. Tabbal, the goal is for the two of you to arrive at a consensus on your desired result. It’s his job to listen carefully as you describe what about your nose you would like to change. After his examination and upon hearing you goals for surgery, he looks forward to providing every patient with his recommendation for the surgery designed to uniquely address their anatomy and wishes.

Because subtle changes can go a long way, Dr. Tabbal likes to incorporate computer imaging, including VECTRA® 3D imaging, as an important tool during your consultation. It helps you visualize not just the outcome you describe, but also how slight adjustments can produce a result you may not have considered.

Your Procedure

As you research rhinoplasty, you will likely see mentions of both open and closed procedures. Open rhinoplasty utilizes an incision made along the strip of skin between the nostrils (the columella). Closed rhinoplasty utilizes incisions made entirely within the interior of the nose. Dr. Tabbal’s philosophy on open versus closed is simple: that the desired outcome of each patient and their unique anatomy dictate the approach utilized.

If the changes to your nose can be achieved without making an external incision (e.g., simply reducing a dorsal hump), then Dr. Tabbal will recommend a closed procedure. However, more extensive structural changes to your nose often necessitate a greater degree of control that is provided by Dr. Tabbal utilizing the open approach.

In His Own Words: Dr. Tabbal’s Approach to Rhinoplasty

The debate about which technique (i.e. open vs. closed) to use routinely is superfluous, since the decision should simply be dictated by the nature of the problem at hand, rather than by a dogmatic view that some surgeons have about exclusively using one technique over another. As a matter of fact, those who perform exclusively the closed approach are denying some of their patients the tremendous benefits afforded by the open approach in terms of utilizing the native cartilage in the tip and reducing the need for tip grafting. On the other hand, those who advocate the universal use of the open approach are unnecessarily subjecting some of their patients with simple problems to more extensive surgery than is really required. Ultimately, every patient and each nose should undergo the operation it demands rather than the procedure which the surgeon blindly employs.

Your Recovery & Results

Dr. Geo Tabbal has had the privilege to train with many of the most prominent rhinoplasty surgeons in the country, many of whom have their practices located in New York City and Dallas, Texas. This includes one of the preeminent rhinoplasty surgeons in the world — his father. Dr. Nicolas Tabbal is consistently recognized as one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in the United States, by publications such as U.S. News Top Doctors and America’s Top Doctors. Accordingly, you can expect a transformative result.

After your surgery, Dr. Tabbal will remain in close contact with you to assess your healing and monitor your progress. After your consultation, you will leave his office with a thorough set of postoperative instructions. However, from the time of your initial consultation until your last follow-up appointment, Dr. Tabbal seeks to provide you with any and all of the information that is pertinent to your care, thus providing answers to questions before you‘ve had the chance to think of them.

Overall, his goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and safe throughout your experience by treating you as he would treat someone in his own family.

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