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First off, let me start by saying the decision to have plastic surgery for me, was not easy. I was so focused about what people would think of me if they found out I had a breast augmentation. That I forgot about what I would think of myself and that this is something that I have wanted all my life. Why let other people’s opinions get in the way of my decision. I think in life, we so easily let other people dictate our lives and the decisions we make for our selves. After deciding that I was going to get a breast augmentation. I started researching. After all this is Major surgery, and I think many women over look that fact. You have to find the Right surgeon. The Right surgeon for me was Dr. Tabbal. I found Dr. Tabbal by chance. Dr. Tabbal was very different from other surgeons. He was very thorough in explaining the surgery to me and he really did seem like he cared. We met for 3 consultations before I had my surgery and he told me what would realistically look good on me. He didn’t “sell” me on my breast augmentation. Telling me anything I wanted to hear. I asked him many questions and he answered each question with great knowledge and honesty. I respect him for that. A lot of Plastic surgeons tell you what “you want to hear”, in fear that if they don’t. You will not get your surgery done. Dr. Tabbal was always calm and confident that I would be happy with my results. The day of my surgery, he was smiling and warm. That really helped calm and ease my nerves. He has a way about him that many surgeons don’t. I am happy with my results. After the surgery, he called me many times to check up on me. Always very caring and kind. Dr. Tabbal is a Terrific Doctor!

I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me!

Thank you

In April of 2016 Dr. Geo Tabbal operated on me. I had a rhinoplasty. I love my new nose. Even though it has only been 7 months, and I still have swelling at the tip , the nose is beautiful . His work is impeccable. He has the best bedside manor, is caring, and very personable. He relates to you as a person, not just a patient, and listens to all your needs. Most of all he is always reachable and cares about his patients.. He has become my friend as well as My plastic surgeon.

It’s my pleasure to write a review for Dr. Geo Tabbal, who did an eyelid surgery for me several month ago. I was somewhat worried about the result before I did the surgery. Although I had decided to do it, I was not sure what result I want. Dr. Tabbal did all the work for me. The only thing I did was trust his professional skills. I made the right choice. The result is simply impressive. It’s actually better than my most optimistic expectation. I never thought a minor change on the eyelid would make such a big difference. Now the eyes suit me perfectly, and they are very natural. I really don’t think anyone would notice I did a surgery. If someone ask me to give a rate for the surgery and Dr. Tabbal’s professional skills from 1 to 10, then my answer is 10, absolutely!   CW

All my exes live in Texas except for you! Dr geo Tabbal Wherever you go i will follow.!! Your kindness and concern will never be forgotten. Your skill is evident in the before and after photos. I will always be grateful to you for making me feel much younger and attractive then my years. Till we meet again. With love F.G

Dr Tabbal you are a wonderful doctor and man. It has been almost one year since my face and neck lift. I was and am overwhelmed by your patience and kindness before during and after the surgery. Your warm enthusiastic way of making me feel so special is something i will always remember. Your skilled hands did their work to make me the attractive confident woman i am today. Anyone of your future patients can call me for an honest opinion. It would be my pleasure to do so. Until we meet again. G.F

I wanted to look 10 to 15 years younger, get rid of the wrinkles, turkey neck, deep lines – to feel better about myself. After more than 5 years I finally got the courage to go for a consultation and fortunately it was with you. Your professional, knowledgeable and friendly approach during our consultation solidified my decision to proceed and I am so glad I did. The results are great and my friends simply tell me how wonderful I look – well rested and relaxed. Now when I look in the mirror I think of you. Thank you – you’re great!!!     GK

Dr. Geo Tabbal exceeded all my expectations!I needed revision surgery from a surgery in 2014 for a capsular contracture, and from the minute I met him, he made me feel comfortable and confident that I would be okay. I was so apprehensive because so many other doctors had given me several different recommendations, that only made me delay my decision to move forward with another surgery, I was scared! But Dr. Tabbal was amazing! I can still hear him saying… “Listen to me…. everything is going to be fine”! And it was. He listened to what I wanted and what my expectations were, which were very different from others. I had my procedure January 2016 and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Tabbal still keeps in touch from time to time to ask me how I feel, Which is very refreshing, he doesn’t make you feel like “Just another case” He genuinely cares and will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and confident. Thank you Dr. Tabbal you rock!   JV

I underwent rhinoplasty with Dr. Tabbal. Prior to him, I’d gone to a few consultations, but I was not able to connect with the surgeon. Dr. Geo Tabbal, answered every single one of my questions, he took the time to educate me on his surgical plan for my procedure and his bedside manner was the best I’ve ever experienced. I felt that he genuinely cared and I appreciated and respected his honesty when it came to the nose I initially wanted as opposed to the nose that was the best fit for me. He gave me a realistic scope of my projected outcome and he was very candid about the healing process. A rhinoplasty is such an artistically meticulous surgery and I feel that he gave me the best nose for my face based on structure, size, my ethnicity and my facial symmetry. I am not quite one year post surgery, but I have healed very naturally and I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Tabbals work NM

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