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At the practice of Dr. Geo N. Tabbal, individuals can undergo cosmetic enhancement and achieve their aesthetic goals in an environment where safety, comfort, and a “boutique” style of customized, hands-on care are paramount. Dr. Tabbal truly values the importance of the consultation when the collaboration process with his patients can begin. In these early stages, Dr. Tabbal is interested in hearing what his patients may already know about a particular topic of concern while also wanting to get a clear perspective of the goals which each patient seeks. In large part, the conversation during a consultation allows him to answer a patient’s questions, fully address their concerns, and talk about a unique treatment plan which is most beneficial for each individual. By formulating a personalized treatment plan designed on the goals and the anatomy of each patient, he seeks to produce results that look both beautiful and natural. Ultimately, Dr. Tabbal believes that renewing one’s appearance goes hand in hand with enhancing their confidence.

A Passion for Helping Patients

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Geo N. Tabbal M.D.

Dr. Geo Tabbal’s training at the nation’s number-one ranked plastic surgery residency program gave him the best possible background in surgical techniques — and he draws from that knowledge every day to create beautiful results for his patients.He blends that experience with a forward-thinking approach, always embracing new technologies and weaving them into his approach to procedures.

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Individualized Care Tailored for You

The procedures Dr. Tabbal offers fall into four categories: breast, body, facial, and non-surgical treatments. Many patients come in knowing exactly what procedure they would like to undergo; others need a bit more guidance, which Dr. Tabbal is happy to provide.
In many cases, patients wishing to address multiple concerns can combine procedures into a single surgery, which offers the advantage of a consolidated recovery time. Dr. Tabbal can discuss what’s possible for you during your consultation.

The philosophy by which Dr. Geo Tabbal practices is simple and unwavering: no matter what the surgical procedure may be, the uniqueness of the patient’s goals and their anatomy determine the individualized treatment plan.

Our Performed Procedures

Spotlight on Breast Augmentation

“Patients within this community – and in particular, those who come to my practice – seek to maintain the beauty and manner which is typical of the Southern woman. My patients take interest in their appearance and physical presence, which is based, in part, on a proportional physique. I understand that considering breast augmentation is a highly personal decision, and I approach each consultation with the thoughtfulness and personalized attention that both the patient and the surgery deserve.”

– Dr. Geo N. Tabbal

Plastic Surgeon Frisco, Texas - Dr. Geo N. Tabbal

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