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Brow Lift

People from Frisco and Plano come to Dr. Geo Tabbal for brow lift, often after family and friends describe them as looking fatigued or even angry, due to a heavy or sagging brow. Common among men and women alike, brow lift surgery raises the eyebrows and smooths out deep forehead lines. Dr. Tabbal can restore the area for a natural-looking, lifted result.

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When to Consider a Brow Lift

The upper face is often one of the first areas that shows signs of aging — in part because it’s a very expressive part of the face. Over time, the brow can look constantly furrowed, thanks to drooping forehead skin and deep horizontal lines across the forehead. A brow lift raises the area to a more youthful position, yielding a refreshed, smoother, rested look.

Because signs of aging seldom happen in isolation, it’s also important to consider whether eyelid surgery or even a facelift may be beneficial, as well. Dr. Tabbal will thoroughly examine your face during your initial consultation, and he will provide his recommendation at that time.

A brow lift raises the area to a more youthful position, yielding a refreshed, smoother, rested look.

Your Brow Lift Procedure

Dr. Tabbal can approach your procedure using any of a variety of surgical techniques. While many patients come in having done some initial research about their preferred method, Dr. Tabbal will weigh that preference against what he sees in your consultation and suggest the surgical technique that provides the most comprehensive and enduring results for each patient.

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