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Tummy Tuck

Dr. Tabbal’s Frisco and Plano, Texas tummy tuck patients often come to him with the same initial complaint: I can’t get a flat tummy, no matter what I do. Diet and exercise certainly have a role to play, but often, there are other causes, such as loose skin and separated abdominal muscles (particularly after pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations). Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is designed to remedy those concerns.

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Is a Tummy Tuck Right for You?

An abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck” procedure, is ideal for people who are otherwise healthy but have a persistent excess of skin around the abdomen, lax abdominal muscles, and an abdominal contour that hides the improvement or positive change made with diet and exercise. In many cases, the abdomen protrudes disproportionately, often after pregnancy and significant weight loss.

Your Procedure

Abdominoplasty corrects not just loose skin, but also separated abdominal muscles – a condition called diastasis recti. This condition causes a protruding or bulging belly and a weakened core.

Abdominoplasty corrects not just loose skin, but also separated abdominal muscles – a condition called diastasis recti.

Accordingly, there are 2 major goals of an abdominoplasty:

  • To remove the excess, stretched, or sagging skin that can hang over the abdomen
  • To tighten the abdominal muscles and trim the contour of your waist

In a full tummy tuck, Dr. Tabbal will make an incision below the bikini line extending from hip to hip, along with a small circular incision around the belly button. He then excises the sagging skin, sutures the abdominal muscles back together, and repositions the remaining skin downward.

A tummy tuck may also include liposuction if Dr. Tabbal sees that removing fat pockets in the abdomen or flanks will improve the contours of your final result.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
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Mini Tummy Tuck

For some of our Frisco and Plano, Texas patients, a smaller incision can be made in the center of the abdomen, below the bikini line. This is appropriate for patients who have only a small amount of excess skin that’s centrally located below the navel. Dr. Tabbal will tell you during your examination if your surgery falls under this category.

Your Recovery & Results

The partnership you forge with Dr. Tabbal continues long after your operation. He’s the one taking you to the recovery room and speaking with your loved ones immediately following surgery, and he will be the one calling you that first night to make sure you’re settling in comfortably during the initial recovery, or healing phase.

After a tummy tuck, it’s important not to get your heart rate elevated or to strain your midsection in any way. Obviously, that means you’ll need to temporarily refrain from things like lifting or reaching for anything greater than a few pounds, or exercising vigorously. Initially after your surgery, you won’t be able to walk fully upright, although walking around after the procedure is important for your circulation and to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Lastly, Dr. Tabbal stresses the importance for his patients to call him throughout the healing process to discuss any concerns that his patients may have. As one of his patients, you will have follow-up visits following your surgery but, of course, what matters most is that you always feel confident, comfortable, and safe during your recovery.

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