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Surgical Procedures

Our Frisco and Plano plastic surgery patients are typically men and women who want more control over their own image. They see things in the mirror that they are unable to change on their own, and they don’t want to let those things become an obstacle to their self-confidence. Instead, they want to feel empowered to change them.

And that’s exactly what Dr. Geo Tabbal offers. For a candid consultation about your aesthetic goals, you can request a consultationrequest a consultation or call our office at (214) 618-3006 to schedule an appointment.

Your Options for Surgery

The procedures Dr. Tabbal offers fall into 3 categories: breast, body, and facial procedures. Many patients come in knowing exactly what procedure they would like to undergo; others need a bit more guidance, which Dr. Tabbal is happy to provide.

In many cases, patients wishing to address multiple concerns can combine procedures into a single surgery, which offers the advantage of a consolidated recovery time. Dr. Tabbal can discuss what’s possible for you during your consultation.

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