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Welcome to My Blog, a Plastic Surgery Resource

One of our mantras at my Frisco plastic surgery practice is “knowledge is power.” There’s no such thing as giving a patient too much information. I believe that well-informed patients make smarter decisions and end up happier with their overall experience. That’s why I try to provide as much education as I can to each and every one of my patients.

That’s precisely the idea behind this blog. My goal here is to answer your questions before you even book a consult. You’ll find posts with my perspective and surgical philosophy, advice on when to choose a certain procedure (and when not to), glimpses into the patient experience at my practice, and general updates on what’s new in our world.

Thanks to my position here at the University of Texas Southwestern, I’m privy to ongoing research in areas such as wound healing, lasers, and skin care. That means this blog will be a great resource for learning about the latest advances in cosmetic medicine.

Plastic surgery is a dynamic field that evolves as new techniques and technologies offer a path to more efficient and effective results. That means, for example, that a breast augmentation today is a lot safer and yields more natural-looking results than it did 30 or 40 years ago. It also means that new questions will arise as procedures change. We invite you to leave comments and contact us whenever you want to learn more.

Every patient’s journey is unique, and I look forward to helping you explore what’s possible. Check back soon for regular updates!

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